If you have followed the PGA Tour for any considerable amount of time, you will have come across Kenny G many a time.

Every year he graces the AT&T National Pro-Am tournament at Pebble Beach with his presence and every year viewers up and down the United Kingdom find themselves thinking – “just who is Kenny G?”

Contrary to some opinions he is not the American version of our-own Ozzy Osbourne.

Neither is he the real-life inspiration behind Otto the bus driver from the Simpsons –

No. He is neither of these things.

He is actually a saxophonist and a pretty good one at that. Born in 1956, Kenneth Bruce Gorelick has sold millions upon millions of records.

So, for your listening pleasure, may I present to you (through our good friends at YouTube) Mr Kenny G….

(be warned, you are about to witness some of the cheesiest music videos ever directed)…

And there you have it. He may have hair ten times longer than anybody who has ever picked up a golf club, but he is no rock star. He is smooth, sensitive and has one heck of a perm!

By Ross A. Fox